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Voice Actor | Singer

Purple Glow

Voice Styles

Young Boy/Girl - Early Teen to 30s  - Millennial - Warm - Bubbly - Authentic - Upbeat - Empathetic - Raspy - Confident 

Michelle Francia Voice Actor

Michelle, 1 of 1.

Nice to meet you! I'm a professionally-trained voice actor based in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Whether it's a bubbly millennial voice for radio,
a heart-to-heart tv spot,
or some spunk in your animation,
I've got you covered!

With over 10 years of experience from customer service to social media and speech pathology, I've got the insight to cut through and connect to the heart of your listeners.


Being Filipina-American, you guessed it-- I also love to sing! I've performed at venues including The Smith Center here in Las Vegas.

In my free time I enjoy gaming, listening to podcasts, and curling up with my calico cat Honey. 

For me, a great story can be a healthy form of escapism, provide comfort,
even better people's lives. 

I'm here to create feelings of trust with your target audience and to assure your story is in good hands 
(and a good voice!) 

Abstract Background

Studio Specs

Rode NT1-A

Condenser Microphone


Focusrite Scarlett Solo

2nd Gen Interface


Ocenaudio and Isotope Rx Elements

Digital Audio WorkStation


Macbook Air M1



Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Discord,

Source Connect ID: michellefrancia


MP3, WAV, Dropbox, Gmail

or preferred method

What Clients Say

"LVR Films is honored to have her as our voice actor. I most definitely recommend her to any project. Michelle can range to variety of different characters. She is an absolute charm, highly professional and consistent. Keep doing what you are doing!"

Frances Padunan, 


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Questions, auditions, any anythings?


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